hacienda luisita, tarlac ii.

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As mentioned in the previous post I went to Tarlac to help conduct a photography workshop for local out of school youth:  http://wp.me/pvQl-a0

Here’s a best of . . . compilation of their work.  Not bad for a bunch of kids who’ve never held a camera before.  And not bad for us never teaching kids photography before.

Unfortunately, I can’t post photo credits at this time because I can’t tell by the file name who took what shots.  Sorry kids.  But expect more work from more kids from other parts of Luzon as we continue conducting the workshops.  Hopefully, we can get them exhibited and published sometime by Christmas.

Salinlahi also just started a fan page on Facebook.  I don’t know how to link it from here and I’m on a needed crackbook hiatus.  Just search for SALINLAHI PHILIPPINES (add alliance for children’s concerns).  Add them if you are interested in any of their upcoming projects or in volunteering.  Many hot woman work here.



previous post:  http://wp.me/pvQl-a0

hacienda luisita, tarlac iii

salinlahi on twitter: http://twitter.com/salinlahiphils



hacienda luisita, tarlac city.

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Went to Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac City with some members of the Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns.  We conducted a workshop teaching local out of school youth the basics of photography.  The workshop is part of a larger project hoping to exhibit or publish some of the images taken by the kids to spread awareness of child labour here in The Philippines.  The main focus of the workshops was to teach photography of course, but also to learn to use it as a tool (i like to say weapon) to document the difficult situations the youth face.

Hacienda Luisita is the home of a sugarcane processing plant owned by the prominent Cojuangco family (a relation to the recently passed Corazon Aquino, Cojuangco is her maiden name).  Over the last century there had been disputes over the rights of the farmer’s working the land in Hacienda Luisita.  Especially over the true ownership of the land, which belongs to the farmer’s by ancestry, but was somehow held by the Cojuanco’s by way of some reforms implemented during Cory Aquino’s Presidency.

In November 2004 the disputes escalated into a full protest involving almost the whole population of the town, leading into a stand-off between the unarmed people and the joint forces of the national police and military.  The stand-off resulted in a massacre where 14 farmers from the community were killed and 200 others were injured: http://www.bulatlat.com/news/4-42/4-42-massacre.html.

Horrible as it was, it was a little bit of a blessing in disguise.  The outrage sparked by the massacre caused the nation to take notice of the dire situation in Hacienda Luisita and new reforms were placed allowing the community to make a more decent livelihood.  However, the Cojuanco’s still control the majority of the land, and thus most of the people, as many are forced to work the land since they have none of their own.

So as I’ve heard echoed in different ways around The Philippines: “tuloy ang laban.”

The following are some photos I took around Barangay Asturias in Hacienda Luisita.  Not really political at all, just wanted to take the new camera out to eat a few rolls.  I just bought a used SLR in Quiapo.  Has no light meter, so I had to figure out whether it even worked.  Or whether I even knew what I was doing.  So most are of the good people I met (actually these are the ones that turned out).

Each shot has a caption if you click on it, should you care to know anything.

Anyway, thanks to Barangay Asturias for welcoming us into their neighborhood and letting us use their washrooms and power sockets.  Hope to see you all again, soon.

See their work here:  http://wp.me/pvQl-aL


hacienda luisita, tarlac ii

hacienda luisita, tarlac iii


AFTEREDIT:  great piece on Cory Aquino’s and the Cojuanco families involvement with Hacienda Luisita.  Yellow not a friendly colour after all:  http://missgo.wordpress.com/2009/08/18/time-to-exhale/


people power 2009: august 5th funeral march.

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Cory Aquino | 25.01.33 – 01.08.09

it was a moving experience, amazing to be a part of it.




typical saturday night: 2:29am.

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sitting in my room
in project 6, quezon city (that’s in the philippines)
staring at the screen
in old navy boxers
and here’s what’s going down:
i’m reeling from the day’s events
was that my plan all along?
does the universe conspire?
anyway, who do I congratulate on a job well done?
I’ll pat myself on the back,
“hey, send that guy a beer!
who knows how long that luck will last?”
my skin is steady seeping sweat
hardly enough to give me glow
but too much for the electric fan.
it’s on hush, the noise bugs me anyway:
it’s almost 3 and cars are still honking out on the street,
if they would just sloooow down.
the feral cat’s still at the door, meowing, meowing.
hungry, no doubt. or maybe waiting to bend it for Butch,
the big black cat with the bum-eye.
basstones and voices echo from an unknown videokebarhole.
could be close, could be near, could be 3 of them
some dude singing ‘like a cop car . . . weeoweeeo’
and all the great hits.
occasionally a good soul would come in with some stevie
‘knocks me off my feet’ . . .
conditions seem perfect;
enough to snap me out of staring.
and it feels so good to hear that noise again-



drake – the best i ever had (director’s cut).

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The video is funny.  Very funny.

I hate to say this because it’s exactly the type of shit Drizzy wants and expects to hear:  I didn’t want to dig this dude.  But I do.

I had him in the Massari category, cliche balleristics.  But I keep listening to his music anyway.

There’s a lot of khats trying to get at him on youtube with little success (why are you Vancouver-khats so angry?).  They just make him look better.  (I would love to see someone will bring it to Drake, just to see how he’d respond).

It’s like this:  he’s like a friend of a friend that sometimes comes around.  The dude annoys you at first, but he’s the type to spring for a limo for the fuck of it just to cruise around the city getting drunk.  How can you hate that guy?  Plus, he hooks up discounts at Foot Locker.

That’s what he is!  If Hip-Hop was retail, he’d be the kid that just got promoted to district manager.  He doesn’t own the company but they’re thinking of putting him in charge of the new chains opening in fall.  He gets mad discounts, gets an invite to the executive staff party, and the teenage employees at the store all get shook when he comes by.

But everyone knows he’s just a manager.

This is the sort of shit the kids in The Philippines would eat up.  A rapper, THAT SINGS!  It’s almost too much.

I guess for me, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure right now.  I like the music.  but I think it’s all just buzz right now.

I hope he proves me wrong.

I love the video, what else you got?

Well, he’s a Toronto boy, so I hope he gets it all.  I also hope he loses the Chicaaawwgoooeee accent.



the switch.

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2009 SONA rally, quezon city, the philippines.

Chucks are pretty useless in the rain.  Shoe are pretty useless in the rain.

This was taken just after an effigy of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (as a pig) was set on fire in front of the stage.  The band got into a jump-up revolution reggae riddim as the Piggy-Gloria burned, burned, burned.  This set the young ones into a frenzy and it was all “fuck rain” from then on.

And then of course my camera decided to stop working (cameras are pretty useless in the rain too).

Everytime I attend one of these things, I’m moved.  This one was the best yet.


salinlahi – SONA 2009 – state of the kids.

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This is a little video I shot for the Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns in preparation for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address on July 27th.

Nobody told the kid’s to say they wanted the President to get eaten by a shark.