cuddly confessions of a dirty dork

i jog every morning. well, whenever i’m not sore from the brazillian jiu-jitsu. in the summer me and the bros travel north for the cycling. in the winter we shred the knar’ in beautiful whistler. i play six different instruments including the harp: i’m such an angel. i sing the psalms at church on sunday. whenever i get a chance i worship with a buddy at his mosque then we watch football. i met a buddhist monk online and i’ll be making a pilgrimage with him to tibet where i’ll go without food and hot hot sex for a year. when i was 16 i ran away to france and lived in the cognac region where i learned to grow grapes. wine is still a hobby. i don’t get much time to drink anymore, being a single dad and all. though a shot of remy martin xo before bed is very essential. i love to cook and i’m currently taking dim sum and sushi classes. i’m working on my third book called “my reason” it’s based on my mother. if it wasn’t for the yoga i’d probably be some sort of rapist or serial killer.

One Response to “cuddly confessions of a dirty dork”

  1. you’re funny.

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