pinays don’t know their body and how it works.


well this can’t be good.

read this article in the Philippine Inquirer yesterday:

here’s a highlight:

“54 percent of Filipina respondents said drinking beer increases menstrual flow and 38 percent said menstrual blood applied to the face could prevent pimples.

One Filipina said that on the first day of her period, she would jump over three steps on their stairs so her menstrual flow would last only three days instead of one week.”

it goes on to say that pinay’s don’t know what they don’t know.  if they are never taught anything other than what they’re lola, mother, or older sisters tell them, why would they believe otherwise?

i went on a drunken rant the other day about this type of shit.  it irks me.  it irks me because filipina woman are so fuckin beautiful, but they carry around so much shame.  where does this come from?

i mean, it’s 2009!

at least a boy can sneak out to a beerhaus and learn the ropes there.  but where do the girls go?  Nanay refuses to talk about it and Tita Pening is applying period blood to Ate Din-Din’s face.  A face that’s never given a blow-job with rag from a place that’s never received one.

another highlight:

“Some 26 percent of Filipinas believe that only men have hymens, which is why they are named as such,”

aye-yay-yay.  and why is KIMBERLY-CLARK conducting the survey?  i’m sure they’ll find someway to take advantage of the naivete.  watch for really dumb ‘educational’ commercials involving your favorite love-teams.

something should be done.  why do i feel like i need to be the che gueverra of this shit?




~ by mlv on 20 August, 2009.

3 Responses to “pinays don’t know their body and how it works.”

  1. re: “Tita Pening is applying period blood to Ate Din-Din’s face.”


    Send me an email you focker!! Somebody misses you… maybe…

  2. Ok, but is the Philippine inquirer, like, uh…a respected news source? (No idea here). Just saying- I wouldn’t want someone reading a Cosmo and saying, all North American chicks think that bathing suit shopping is the most traumatic experience they’ve had. Basically, if Kimberley Clarke is conducting a survey for a less-than-picky Mag, their statistical methods may not be the most reliable- and you may be shorting Filipinas a little more than you think.

    a)The practice that you are referring to is applying placenta based products on the skin- not really period blood. Its more wide spread than putting ‘period’ on your face but I guess publishing the poor man’s option makes for more sensational news. Journalists.
    Its not a stupid villagers tale- there’s a whole branch of science (in the Western world- almighty standard of everything respected and STOLEN, ahem) dedicated to placenta pharmacology.
    Its uses are similar to those in our lovely motherland.

    b) I agree. Philippine women don’t think they’re beautiful. It’s because whites run the markets and it’s always beneficial to be able to sell products that you never have to use and yet are always advertising.

    c) Beauty is great. Believing you can make a culture of women feel beautiful is a task for the gay. Why? Because you’re too interested in getting ‘nnany to know what’s really GOOD for a woman.

    d) My granny (lola) is an 80 year old filipino woman. She reads, and doesn’t think beer will make her get her period heavier. She follows MANY traditional beauty secrets- which I will follow despite not having extensively researched their merit. Why? She looks like she’s 45. Don’t nationalize ignorance. Cure ignorance, not the ‘stigma’ of being Filipino.

    Love u!!

  3. And now that I think about it- thinking that beer increases your blood flow on your period ain’t that far off.
    Being dehydrated, and cramping, mixed with the obvious bloating, might actually make you have a heavier period than usual. Knobs. Only one idiot said the stairs made her have a three day period.
    AAAAAND…exercise does technically-scientifically make you have shorter periods. (She’s still a moron).
    One moron maketh not a crisis. You’re right. Its a prep for Kimberley Clark marketing.

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