solidarity mission to lumad evacuees in surigao del sur.

An emergency situation is occuring in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao and hardly anyone knows about it.

Just started campaigning to get the word the out.  Hopefully I’ll be flying down there with members of Salinlahi to help out and document the situation.

Here’s the project proposal I just typed up.  (Emphasis on I because I think I only heard the term ‘project proposal’ once before in life, but never paid attention).

I also posted photos sent by workers/photographers who were on site during the evacuation and the settlement.

Project Title National Solidarity Mission to the Lumad Evacuees in Surigao del Sur

Project Proponent
Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns

Target Beneficiaries
Approx. 303 families / 1,795 individuals (948 children, 316 women)


The mountainous areas of Surigao Del Sur in Mindanao is home to Lumad communities in the Andap Valley which spans seven municipalities.  Beginning in May 2005, military units have occupied these communities claiming their operations were aimed towards “developing the Andap Valley to benefit the Lumad.”  Meanwhile, they’ve forced the closure of schools, prohibited the passage of food, and threatened community members; using them as civilian shields, forcing recruitment into paramilitary groups, and imposing the possibility of death to those reluctant to cooperate.  Between June 15, 2009 and present, unable to achieve a peaceful compromise with the military forces, and as tensions and hardships increased, approximately
1, 795 individuals left their various communities and trekked to Lianga Municipal Gym.  Among them are 316 woman and over 900 children.  Away from the troubles they left, these evacuees now face new problems: insufficient food supply and deteriorating conditions of potable water, deteriorating sanitary conditions, vulnerability to infectious disease, especially among children, and an increase in covert and overt military presence monitoring the evacuation centre.


1.  Call the attention of relevant decision makers in government to the humanitarian situation in Surigao Del Sur. 2.     To generate material and moral relief for the victims of the evacuation.
3.     To support the evacuees’ call for  the pull out of military troops until they’re ensured an immediate and safe return to their homes.

Description of Activities

Campaigns Activities: Our staff and volunteers will campaign utilizing various mediums in order to garner support and spark awareness of the humanitarian situation in Surigao Del Sur.

Initiating a humanitarian mission on site
:  Distributing food and boosting morale by means of activities with children at the evacuation centre.  Collecting facts and documenting the conditions and current situation at the centre to share with the public and appropriate authorities.

Expected Output

Improve the living situation of the evacuees at the centre

Increase public awareness of humanitarian situation in Surigao Del Sur on a national level

See that actions to bring relief to the evacuees are increased and executed

A safe return of the evacuees to their homes

for more info peep this PDF :

salinlahi on twitter :

there’ll be a televised press conference with invited celebrity speakers (hopefully angel yummers locsin and robin vitamins padilla) tomorrow.  but any kinda info pass-age by you would be useful.  holler if you want to get down.



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