typical saturday night: 2:29am.

sitting in my room
in project 6, quezon city (that’s in the philippines)
staring at the screen
in old navy boxers
and here’s what’s going down:
i’m reeling from the day’s events
was that my plan all along?
does the universe conspire?
anyway, who do I congratulate on a job well done?
I’ll pat myself on the back,
“hey, send that guy a beer!
who knows how long that luck will last?”
my skin is steady seeping sweat
hardly enough to give me glow
but too much for the electric fan.
it’s on hush, the noise bugs me anyway:
it’s almost 3 and cars are still honking out on the street,
if they would just sloooow down.
the feral cat’s still at the door, meowing, meowing.
hungry, no doubt. or maybe waiting to bend it for Butch,
the big black cat with the bum-eye.
basstones and voices echo from an unknown videokebarhole.
could be close, could be near, could be 3 of them
some dude singing ‘like a cop car . . . weeoweeeo’
and all the great hits.
occasionally a good soul would come in with some stevie
‘knocks me off my feet’ . . .
conditions seem perfect;
enough to snap me out of staring.
and it feels so good to hear that noise again-




~ by mlv on 2 August, 2009.

One Response to “typical saturday night: 2:29am.”

  1. my name is christine balmes and i approve this poem.

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