drake – the best i ever had (director’s cut).

The video is funny.  Very funny.

I hate to say this because it’s exactly the type of shit Drizzy wants and expects to hear:  I didn’t want to dig this dude.  But I do.

I had him in the Massari category, cliche balleristics.  But I keep listening to his music anyway.

There’s a lot of khats trying to get at him on youtube with little success (why are you Vancouver-khats so angry?).  They just make him look better.  (I would love to see someone will bring it to Drake, just to see how he’d respond).

It’s like this:  he’s like a friend of a friend that sometimes comes around.  The dude annoys you at first, but he’s the type to spring for a limo for the fuck of it just to cruise around the city getting drunk.  How can you hate that guy?  Plus, he hooks up discounts at Foot Locker.

That’s what he is!  If Hip-Hop was retail, he’d be the kid that just got promoted to district manager.  He doesn’t own the company but they’re thinking of putting him in charge of the new chains opening in fall.  He gets mad discounts, gets an invite to the executive staff party, and the teenage employees at the store all get shook when he comes by.

But everyone knows he’s just a manager.

This is the sort of shit the kids in The Philippines would eat up.  A rapper, THAT SINGS!  It’s almost too much.

I guess for me, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure right now.  I like the music.  but I think it’s all just buzz right now.

I hope he proves me wrong.

I love the video, what else you got?

Well, he’s a Toronto boy, so I hope he gets it all.  I also hope he loses the Chicaaawwgoooeee accent.




~ by mlv on 28 July, 2009.

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