re:UP – the walk home (22.09.07).

sorry if this is you, i googled douche-bag and this came up.

sorry if this is you, i googled douche-bag and this came up.

j-walking a red:
2 fucks walk past
a skinny fuck and a big fuck
eye contact’s made
i hate them already
so i don’t nod.

big fuck maintains eye contact
says “what you got?”
i give him the eastwood eyes
and the fuck you smirk

“what you got?” he says again
then, “nothin’?” under his breath
twice is enough
“i got your gay ass pink shirt right here”
i say as i pump a finger-cunt over my middle finger

“what” the big fuck says?
“i said your shirt’s fuckin gay”
pump, pump, pump
skinny fuck doesn’t say a word
but rethinks big fuck’s shirt

i try not to flinch
as big fuck stomps towards me
keep eye contact, keep eye contact
the fuck you smirk hides the fear

as i get shoved into the lamp-post
i hold my arms out and roll my eyes
what now?

“what?” the big fuck says
dead in the eye
“your shirt! your fuckin shirt! it sucks!”

skinny fuck gives us a little giggle
big fuck grabs me by the shirt
i feel my spine smash against
the light-pole

“what?” the big fuck says
i roll the dice
“you wanna do this?”

“what?” the big fuck says
“we’re two minutes out of chinatown
and i’m an asian kid walking alone
you don’t know who i am!
OR where you are.  do you?”

i get the dumb look
big fucks give you when
they don’t get it

“you ever hear the phrase:
the street’s have eyes?”

i bring my palm to my forehead
and scan the area
“why don’t you walk back
to your dad’s car and drive back up
to richmond hill”
i tilt my head north

“or what?” big fuck says
“or you’re done, son!”
i say wide-eyed and laughing

needless to say
this bluff never works.

i should’ve offered him a cigarette.



~ by mlv on 18 July, 2009.

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