marvel – throw this ball.

This track almost made me late for work this morning.  I had it on repeat all night last night.  And I’ve been knocking it heavy since I logged on in the evening.

The shit is steady bumpin’.  What the fuck does that mean?  It’s a combination head-nod with arms crossed, tight-lipped and brows scrunched, while shaking your head like ‘no’.  Double-time the headshake if you really feel it.

Who raps like that?  Nobody really.  It’s so funky.  I can’t explain why, but it’s distinctly Torontonian.  I’ll figure it out at some point.  Hmm.  Like if you’ve ever seen that dude, Benzo boogie at parties.  Not like in the circle and all, just rocking on his own to a groove he caught . . . it kinda sounds like that.

I wonder what this guy would do to a knocking Dilla beat?  It seems like if you give him enough space he’ll lazily burn through new definitions of syncopation.  He can spit popcorn in different accents and I’ll still listen cause it’ll sound fun as hell.

Anyway, I thought it needed posting cause more people should be listening.  Even if it’s just the same five people who read this stupid blog.

If you like this sorta shit you can buy it here:




~ by mlv on 16 July, 2009.

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