new words ii: SPOCK.

spock [sp’aw’k]

origin: Name of character in popular 60s American science fiction television series.  Slang’d out by one of the Kevin’s I know.  (the definition is also something Kevin devised.  This is more of his realm, I’m still grasshopper in this shit.  Don’t even think SULU; it’s too easy, white-boy.)

meaning: To approach and respond to any given situation using the clearest logic, no matter how much your dick is telling you to do otherwise.

You can’t live every minute of your life using only your emotions.  You gotta think, plan, act, then react.  Living by emotions means you JUST react to shit, and living a reactionary life puts you, at best, second in line for the next shit.
Spocking your life also means you don’t let your laziness or fear stop you from doing what you know you gotta do.  If the cards are right and the decision has been made, no last minute boner should stop you from getting yours.  If something comes up, or something falls through, if you spocked it right, you’ll already know what you need to do to deal with the flash fire.

Spocking is using your head to support your heart, and not the other way around.

(boom’s addition: Spocking is the new pimpin.  When everything is properly spocked, the space fabric from which your spock-suit is made from causes all dirt to slide from your shoulder on it’s own without the need for brushing.)




~ by mlv on 13 July, 2009.

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