meet peachy.

I ended up in Cebu cause the people I was with wanted to catch a flight back to Manila from there.  It was the week of Sinulog, Cebu’s gigantic fiesta celebrating Santo Nino, that kicks off the new year for most Cebuanos.  Street party.  I decided to stick around.  I had no one in Cebu, but luckily my friend Emee hooked me up with Peachy, who acted as my guide most of my time there.

She’s got a bit of the crazy.


After surviving the Cebu streets after the main parade (so many people your cellphone won’t work) we made our way to Larshan.  A BBQ spot where her brother runs a booth.  BBQ spot is a dazzling understatement.  It’s THE BBQ spot.  Cebuanos know their grilled meats.  This place is like a giant flea-market.  But instead of old VHS tapes, carpets, blank t-shirts, and old picture frames, this place sells nothing but BBQ.  Booth after booth of delicious sweet meats on sticks.  Drenched in sauce and grilled to order.  Amazing with a couple giant bottles of Red Horse and a few hearts of hanging rice.

Here Peachy explains what hanging rice is and why it’s so special.


DSC00250 DSC00253


~ by mlv on 11 July, 2009.

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