project 6 preview.


Been staying in the house my mother grew up in located in Project 6, Quezon City.  Sounds ghetto, really it’s not.  I love this house and the neighborhood.  Dope eating joints, a bar down the street with a live band every night, mostly working class folks mixed with the many levels of society (you can’t tell because everyone walks around in their pajamas unless it’s Sunday), and it’s easily accesible but not in the middle of the chaos.

The house is old.  Think brown.  Old wood.  Wallpaper.

Anyway, crazy lady my mother is, she wants to sell the place.  I say NO!  It’s too dope.  And she won’t get much for it, with global economic crisis and such (that’s how it works, right?).

I took some time to shoot photos of the house.  And I formulated an argument that I’ve been intending to post but haven’t got a chance too.  My laptop has just arrived, so hopefully sometime this week.  I don’t trust my mother though.  She has a tendency to just up and do crazy things out of the blue.  So I felt the need to throw something up before it’s too late.  It’s been bubbling in the brain for a month now, I gotta make space for other thoughts.

So like any great house there’s a library of books.  There’s something uncomfortable about a house with no books in it (it kinda says “hope you brought a book cause it’s boring as shit here” or “you’re gonna wish you brought a book cause I ain’t never gonna shut up”).  Project 6 has a decent amount.  I think most of them are my Tita Marilou’s who’s favorite movie is Sound of Music, making many of the books basically unreadable without feeling ironic (Memoirs of Bubbles Lafea- Broadway STAR!).

I picked out a Robert Ludlum because it was thick so I wouldn’t have to pick out another book for a long time.  Not really a stylist this Ludlum, but it was kinda like a movie, so tolerable.  And no irony.  Good for the shitter.  I just wanted to see what happens to Holcroft.  He becomes the Tinamou, by the way.

After a month or whatever I get through the book and see writing on the inside of the back cover.  I’m a sort of pervert for scribbles in old books, even just a name.  Other than the story in the book, the actual book has it’s own story.  Ewww, right?  But check this shit out:

I’m waging war against my mother in defense of the old house.

Operation:  Shock and Awwwwwwww . . .


So I grab this one Ludlum off this shelf:


Take my time reading the book, then after a month or so I glance at the inside of the backcover and find this:


My mother’s name is Marisse.  My dad’s is Louie.



~ by mlv on 8 July, 2009.

3 Responses to “project 6 preview.”

  1. Your story is great. You just have to wash your mouth with soap.

  2. I should wash my mouth with soap but AWWWWWW… -your 6th reader who doesn’t even like blogs

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