alexander the – forever soon.

Toronto heart-throb, Alexander the . . . is back with the second installment in his six part song series [fe’ne-tik-s].

The thing about Alex’s shit is that after you listen to it for the first time, it’s hard to listen to anything else afterwards.  The shit is so catchy and not in an annoying way.  He’s got a real knack for quality pop.  And I don’t know why I keep thinking about Phil Collins.  But there he is, his big shiny head.

The influence and experience gained from taking part in many different projects ranging from singing ballads at debut parties to producing thumped out hipster-hop is showing in his solo shit.  He’s one of the emerging Toronto artists that is not merely referencing the diversity in the city’s culture and music, he’s fully embracing them.  I mean, he IS them.  And the results are a new sound from Toronto that isn’t a novelty blatantly crossing genres for more exposure.  This is something totally natural and organic.

His song writing and production gets more impressive and enigmatic the more I hear.  Quite opposite from the man in real life.

Alexander The . . . will be releasing a new single every first Tuesday for the next four months, completing the series.  If you missed the first, Janina, visit his blog:  Alexander The . . . or email his ass and tell him how you want his body:

Alexander the – Forever Soon




~ by mlv on 8 July, 2009.

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