hot pinay girls spraying each other down with bug spray – %barefeet %pinay %bugspray %sugat %stinging %deet.

Mo shit from my two favorite bands. This time they’re together.

This is an excerpt from their performance for the NXNE live music conference at Wrongbar in Toronto, Ontario.

Dope blend of beats, beats, beats, rhymes, and screaming girls.  Arowbe is a complete animal in this one.  But JR’s vest and shirt combo is the winner on this night, even though one Kevin is wearing a tie and the other one is wearing MY jacket.   Sorry I missed it.

Want more? go here: Alexander The . . . here: Santa Guerilla here: Nuit Blanche or here: Times Neue Roman.

In other shit . . .

About a week ago I posted something titled Playing With Myself and made one of the tags ‘masturbation’. It’s not one of my more interesting entries, except that it’s about ME. But that shit gets more hits than anything else! You fuckin’ perverts searching for filipino boys masturbating. I’m on to you, asshole!

Enjoy the music, jack off.


~ by mlv on 23 June, 2009.

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