rj’s sunday jam.

RJ Jacinto is the man that introduced rock-n-roll to The Philippines. That’s what I read anyway. He’s dubbed as “The Dick Clark of The Philippines” and “Mr. Retro.” So you can guess he’s pretty old. The first time I saw him on TV was in a commercial where he was selling a guitar he designed that’s a hybrid of a strat, a jazz master, a gibson, and a bunch of other famous electrics in one. So you can guess I think he’s a bit of a goof. But you can’t hate on the man that brought rock-n-roll to The Philippines.

The story goes that he fell in love with rock-n-roll and learned how to play guitar in the late 50s.   And  at 17 started a pirate radio station in his parent’s backyard with his buddies.  It was pretty much the only source to hear the latest records back in the day.

I get to catch the guy on TV every sunday on RJ’s Sunday Jam.  It’s a radio-style music video show that mainly plays oldies.  Like any kind of oldie.  The show is obviously aimed at the baby-boomer.  You may have to put up with his sometimes annoying banter and very annoying commercials for his guitar and bar.  But the videos are worth sticking it out for.

He gets a lot of classic live performances you sometimes can’t find on youtube.  Maybe because some of them are so bad (which, cause they’re old, is still good), but I think they may come from his own collection. 

I love watching old live performances, even when they’re bad.  And RJ’s got everything.  I’ve seen Julio Iglesias with a 15-20 piece band sing a whole song with his eyes closed and his hand in a fist, while the old woman in the audience lost it.  I saw the guy that sings CUANDO CUANDO.  The song and the guy were already hilarious, but the two blonds he had as background singers put me over.  Then the crowd gave him a standing O like he just changed their lives.  And I’ve seen cool ones like Chuck Berry running My Ding-a-Ling with Keith Richards and one with Elvis’ band after his death running (FUCK! I forgot the song, i have it written down somewhere, FUCK!) along a giant video projection of The King(in the black leather) from the original performance.  RJ will run a lot of old doo-wop shit, funk shit, and then drop a Judy Garland performance.

I dunno where he gets these videos.  Or whether he’s liscenced to air them.  But this is The Philippines (liscence?) and nobody is really paying attention anyway.  Sunday is also the day that the two big TV networks air their variety shows where the stars from each network sing and dance and it can be as entertaining as the old videos but usually only cause they’re bad. 

I guess this is my father’s day entry.  RJ is probably around my Dad’s age.  And they dig the same sort of shit.  So if you’re skipping church and you don’t want to feel your brain turning into mush watching GMA and ABS all day, check RJ’s Sunday Jam on 2nd Avenue (ch. 29) at 9 till 12.  It’s usually followed by Ellen and then more live music from Abbey Road on Live From Abbey Road.

Did I just do this for free?  Yes, I did.  Fuck.



~ by mlv on 22 June, 2009.

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