new words I: momol.

MOMOL [MO-mul]                                                                                                                                                                                      Origin:  The Philippines, around Manila.  my buddies, Guil and Korn, specifically.

Meaning:  acronym, stands for Make Out, Make Out Lang.  Used to describe the state and/or intensity level of a romantic relationship.  Sometimes as a literal description or an understatement, depending on the context and the speaker, inflected in tone.  Can also be used as a verb.

like:  “So you must really like this girl?  you’re with her all the time.”

“Yeah.  But it’s going mad slow.  We’re pure Momol.”


“What happened last night, did he take you home?”

“Nooooo, are you kidding? We just met.  Just Momol. In the car. =)”

(Pinay women usually stamp their feet and slap each other’s shoulders whenever the word is spoken)



~ by mlv on 22 June, 2009.

6 Responses to “new words I: momol.”

  1. haha. i didn’t even know that.

  2. hahha hilarious!!!

  3. hahaha! 🙂 filipino slang words are sooo funny

  4. LOL.momol sounds like lol! I didn’t know that! haha

  5. oh! I just realized it doesn’t soundalike! haha silly me! :p

  6. some would term MOMOL as quickie…lol…

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