alexander the . . .


Continuing with the plug my talented friends so that more people read my blog . . . we got Alexander The . . .

I met this dude back on the Debut and Wedding circuit when I used to breakdance and rap and Alex used to sing.  He used to sing the hits, like I Believe I can Fly and a host of classic Tagalog ballads.  I think he says his momma made him do it.  But if you look at it, it was good practice.  Alex has come along way from making pre-menstrual debutantes gush over him.  He makes his own fucking music now and it’s the shit.

Based out of Kensington Market, Alexander The . . . is the producer for Toronto groups Times Neue Roman and Stryofoam Ones.  His music has been featured on television shows like CSI with more to come.  And now he is starting (i think) to drop his solo shit.  Which is bananangers.

So Alex is a musician in the truest Toronto sense.  Meaning he hustles, hustles, hustles.  You wanna be a musician (or anything that means not working in a bank) in this town you gotta have your hands dipped into as many projects as possible.  Or not eat.  What also makes his music quintessentially Toronto is that his range is diverse.  As a producer, you can tell him what you need and he’ll whip it for you with quality.  Just like finding the good food or a decent woman in the city.

His new track Janina has elements of everything I like about music.  But we’ll get into it more as he drops more shit.  Which is every first Tuesday of the month?  For how fuckin long, Jay? (Alexander The . . . blog)

I can describe his music to you, but this is the fuckin internet isn’t it?  Click a link and check it out yourself.

alexander the . . .

times neue roman

styrofoam ones

Also check out Santa Guerilla his project with other Filipino diaspora in Toronto.



~ by mlv on 19 June, 2009.

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