playing with myself.

In case you didn’t already think I was awesome. I have my own action figure, WHOOP!


taking playing with myself to cosmic levels.


This mofo was designed by my good and talented friend, Dino Diaz (he doesn’t have a website, I don’t know why?). It was a birthday slash going away present he gave me the night before I left for The Philippines. Maybe, he was thinking I was never coming back, because it is an unusually AWESOME gift considering our face time with each other amounts to maybe 3 (real deep) beer-sessions at the bar a year.


We all went bananas at the bar when he took it out his bag. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?

As you can see he took his damn time fashioning little -mlv. Details down to the OLDEYORKE notebook.

He told me how he did it. And most people aren’t that talented so Imma reveal it here. Don’t I kinda look like the brown guy on Heroes?

Thanks Deeenz, once again. Whatta friend. I’ll try and bring you some brass Santo Ninos with boners and you can see what you can make out of those.




~ by mlv on 18 June, 2009.

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