RE: up – rumours in baguio city.

so i’m sitting at a bar
on session road in bagiuo city
called rumours.
rumours is where
all ‘the gays’ and writers hang out
tonight is special
because it’s the 24th anniversary
basically, i should have worn a scarf.
we were brought there by
Kawayan*- who is very much not ‘a gay’
Kawayan is a six foot something
half-german dude
his appearance was blitzkrieged by his german side
but he’s as Filipino as any of us short and darkies.

so we’re outside on the patio
surrounded by the writers and the gays
drinking beer, reading the back covers of books, smoking cigarettes.
a lot of the conversations started with
“so what are you working on these days?”
i’ve been working on myself
but that’s not the sorta thing you just tell people-
so i didn’t talk much
i mostly sat sipping at my beer
trying not to look like too much of ‘a gay’.


"what are you working on these day?"

"what are you working on these days?"

*Imma make like a Filipino and play name-drop cause I’m so fond of the dude.  Kawayan is sorta famous.  So is his dad.  But that’s not the reason he’s cool.  For some (i’m sure of it) stupid-gay-artsy reason the music at rumours that night was acoustic bossa nova.  Now, I fucking love my bossa nova, but at a 24th anniversary party for a bar?  Full of angry writers and happy homos?  How about some trash-metal?  Or one-hand-in-the-air-snapping disco?  Or the happy medium:  dirty-commercial-hip-hop?  Why the fuck are we talking?  We should be punching each other in face and taking off our shirts!  Lesbians didn’t even step up.

A bar’s anniversary and christmas parties are supposed to be the craziest nights of the year.  No crazy going on here.  So Kawayan was like “this is lame-oh, let’s go somewhere with the people.”  We hop in his truck and drive down the street do this joint called “Bagiuo Country Sounds.”  Standing outside are hoards of Filipinos- the short and dark kind.  The people.  Bagiuo Country Sounds is where the crazy goes on.  It’s an amphitheatre with a huge dance floor (with dancing people) and table seating in the back and up top.

The gigantic stage is designed like the Grand Ol’ Opry.  Huge signs :  “BAGIUO COUNTRY SOUNDS”, “NOW PLAYING”, the names of the bands, then in the back- “IGOROT”, “KALINGA”, ” IFUGAO”, “BENGUET” (names of tribes).  All framed by bright marquee lights.  Bright yellows and reds and greens.  On the stage are four fit bitties in tight yellow dresses with microphones singing everything from All The Single Ladies to Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now. Their being backed by 3 short-haired lesbians and a dude on the drums.  The band’s name is G-Clef!  THE INSANITY!  Banging on the glass partition that seperates the balconey area from the main, I turn to Kawayan and mouth out “what the fuck?”.  The guy leans back in his chair, nods, and in his Baguio accent says “yeah, it’s pretty cool here, huh?”

Then I took Ilona for a dance.  And did more of the same the next day.

WOO HOO!  found G-CLEF on youTUBE:


~ by mlv on 17 June, 2009.

One Response to “RE: up – rumours in baguio city.”

  1. and on ordinary days, old folks. i couldn’t stop laughing at this one

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