k-os 4 3 2 1 video.

7 months in a new country.  One or two of those in this strange town called Manila, where if you don’t say anything, they might put mayo in your taco.  And they don’t know Hip-Hop from Laqueesha.  But I ain’t hating, I ain’t hating.  Once you get her to show you her tits, you see Manila is a pretty down chick.  And she can go all night.  Except for Sunday’s.

No, No.  I just miss dear Toronto like a feenin Mofo.  EVERYTHING.  People that live there are shaking their heads: “how can you miss Toronto?”  Shame on you.  Look around you.  It’s FUCKIN SUMMER!  Go out and do something you pasty-so-and-so.

I miss the food.  The streets.  The well-dressed pretty girls that don’t give you the second look.  I guess I miss my friends and family.  The music.  The music.  Even K-OS.  And the best in the world boogie-kids:

Pay attention at 3:14 and see why Toronto runs shit.  *zoink*

Double WHOOP!  for the city.  Even yours.




~ by mlv on 15 June, 2009.

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