prince on leno.

Ok, maybe this is the millionth time I’ve posted or mentioned this clip on the worldwideweb.

It’s really fuckin’ good, aight?

There’s only a couple of reasons I can figure why you wouldn’t dig the clip. Maybe you hate music, like you ‘love’ your music so much it’s caused you to hate everything else. The other is HIS EYES!

If you can’t get past the ultra-gay, Prince is probably difficult for you.

*shrug* You’re just not cool. Cause Prince is cool.

This year I paid too close attention to American Idol (speaking of cool). I wasn’t the only one, it was a special year. I saw actual talent. And it made me think: “What are YOU doing on American Idol?” My opinion whenever it came to contestants on the show was if they had the chops to be American pop idols they wouldn’t need the show to get there. It’s the kind of thing that you have coming to you.

You either got it or you don’t.

You can’t leave it up to America, cause they’ll sooner vote in their brother or sister or neighbor’s kids before they vote in the freak with real talent. That’s why after a couple of years you never hear from these winners again, they didn’t really have it.

Now, look at Prince. He can’t help it.

I realize I’m comparing icons to idols, but isn’t that the point American Idol? They want to find the next international superstar.

They’re always talking about this X-factor on these reality shows.

Ok, now look at Prince again. He can’t help it.

A regular fellow with less steelo then Prince, could not pull off what he does. Never mind the make-up and the blouse. But check his movement and the way he attacks the song. It would look and sound ridiculous on another man.

Prince is cool.

When you’re a freak and a bit of a genius, you become famous. The people put you there without voting for you.

Hmmm. I’m being a bit of a hater. I’m not saying that the kids on American Idol aren’t talented. Most of them can sing. I’m talking about going past simply being in or winning the competition and actually becoming an American idol.

What does it take to get people other than teenage girls, american housewives, and the whole population of The Philippines to idolize you?

Ohhhkay, wait. I think I’m subconsciously addressing my recent realization that any kind of respectable sort of fame is probably out of my reach (kind of, sort of, probably). And I keep talking about American Idol cause I’m the Kris Allen of blogwriting. Or maybe more like the David Arculeta. Oh, God.

We’re talking about fucking PRINCE!

He’s like 50 isn’t he? And still got mad style.

He’s in what I call the Barry Bonds (pre-steroid scandals) stage. Where he’s perfected his stance and his swing. No more experimenting. He’s got a long list of broken records and accomplishments. So no more proving to anyone. He can just knock ’em out of the park and admire watching them go for the rest of his career, as long as he has the energy.

I read somewhere, someone hating cause he wasn’t doing anything new. Like Prince has to do anything new. He’s been doing that shit. I was glad to see him do a track like this on Leno. It’s fairly new and it’s subtle. He’s not pushing the music envelope here, but it’s good. And that’s why I was glad; I like to see an old pro happy with where they’re at- they’ve made their money, got their props, got their weird on- and now they’re just bumping out the good.

He didn’t burn out and he’s not gigging at casinos playing his 80s shit. Prince is still at it, making music.

It’s not the NEXT level shit, but it’s good music.

Forget about Prince for a second and listen to the fuckin band! The tune is gloriously arranged.

Now that’s Prince again. Back to Idols and Icons: so you see? this sort of unbridled talent isn’t harvested on reality talented shows. It happens to certain people. And then they happen to the mass public.

You watch American Idol and nobody has that swagger like they can do no wrong. You don’t just breeze your hair then pop your collar. Simon would say it was corny. Prince can do that shit. But you wouldn’t see a guy like Prince on American Idol.

I guess I keep hoping that somebody is gonna show up on that show and break the mold. Use it for the exposure then go out and kick ass. Like really kick it.

Get all choched up, get married, divorced, crash a few cars and make the soundtrack of the 2010s generation. Or change their name to a symbol, come back and dish out classics for the rest of their time on earth.

Sooo yah, I really dig the tune, I dig the performance. The whole bar-lounge set up really got me, I used to work in a joint that could be like that. Chick in a red dress with a fan. Again, the band! And of course, observe the man, he’s an absolute sick-oh on that microphone.

So long, Leno. Hello, Conan.

Goodnight everybody!



~ by mlv on 5 June, 2009.

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