keith floyd.

mr. floyd pounding another one back.

mr. floyd pounding another one back.

I consider watching cooking shows a productive use of time. You can never know too much about food and how to prepare it. Double when drinks are involved.

Being the A-class bum that I’ve been lately, I’ve been using the “Travel & Living” channel as a good excuse to do nothing. It’s research.

Among my varied pash-on’s, food is top 3. Another one is hero worship. So I’m vegging out on cooking shows and this Keith Floyd bloke comes on. What a legend.

He’s been around for awhile now. But I’ve only discovered him this month.

Floyd travels around with a portable kitchen set, sets up shop, and cooks local cuisine from exotic locations around the world. He usually has a bottle of wine nearby and it’s done by the time the segment is done.

Most of his food is uncomplicated and the best of the region. The soul food. The slow killers, really.

The best thing about him is his passion and respect for the cuisine. It comes out in the way he describes everything.

He often uses words like dallop and crackle with his classic English drawl. The way only a well travelled old-drunken english man can. It makes everything sound delicious.

It’s fun to talk back to him using his accent.

Key to a good cooking show is the host. Especially the way they talk. When the host is annoying in any way, it doesn’t matter how good the food is, the only thing that’ll get me through that episode is boobs. Luckily there’s plenty of boobs on cooking shows these days. So I’m learning shitloads.

Anyway, bye. I’m starving.



~ by mlv on 3 June, 2009.

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