#1 return to the nonsense.

yes, ma. it's more expensive. but it comes with 2 FREE games.
yes, ma. it’s more expensive. but it comes with 2 FREE games.

Ma used to buy the cheap Froot Loops.
there was good reason for it-
they were cheaper.
still, i hated when she bought
the cheap ones
the generic
the imitation.

I never complained much
but they’re not the same.

yes, they hang out in the same aisle
their names are kinda the same
they share the same shape
the colours are identical
and they both claim to be
a part of a complete breakfast


they’re only in the same aisle
because, of course, they’re both cereal
the name is obviously a ploy
to trick you into thinking
you’re getting the same thing,
but we like our fruit spelled with two Os
and we want LOOPS not HOOPS
cause when you look close you’ll see
the generic’s hole is much too big
the colours are close
but the flavour is not
the imitation lacks the depth,
the layers, the textures
and the feelings you experience
right until the end;
when you lift the bowl to your face
and drink the rest of the milk.

besides, the cheap stuff
couldn’t even stand up to the milk.
soggy mush before the flavours sink in.
not the right sugar.

who wants a liar that can’t spell?
who underneath the sugar
is nothing but soggy mush
with a big hole?!

you want something with layers
something you can enjoy ’til the end.

listen to the dodo:
“follow your nose”
if you pop open that box
and the frooty scent doesn’t send you
into a loopy frenzy-
you’re settling.

but why the fuck
are you still eating kids cereal anyway?

go have yourself a real breakfest:

croque madame.

croque madame.




~ by mlv on 2 June, 2009.

One Response to “#1 return to the nonsense.”

  1. since i have nothing to do in the wee hours, i’m commenting like hell on your blog… maybe it’ll make you happy, har. just had to say oishi makes a mean local version — fruit rings. i’m not much for cereal in the morning but… croque madame?! drool.

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