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homegirl-fiddy doing the damn dance in lingayen, pangasinan, the philippines. of course, she draws a crowd.

(it was like that everywhere we went with her)



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i googled myself and something actually came up.

(thanks, ray, for never throwing anything out).


boom-boom vs. chan chan.

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Years ago when I first heard this song I said I wanted my life to sound like it.
Sweet, simple.  Slow, driving.  Charming and uncouth.


Chan Chan

by Compay Segundo (buena vista social club)

De Alto Cerdo voy para Marcane
Luego a Cueto voy para Mayari.

El carino que te tengo
Yo no lo puedo negar
Se me sale la babita
Yo no puedo evitar.

Cuando Juanica y Chan Chan
En el mar cernian arena
Como sacudia el ‘jibe’
A Chan Chan la daba pena.

Limpia el camino de paja
Que yo me quiero sentar
En aquel tronco que veo
Y asi no puedo llegar.

De Alto Cerdo voy para Marcane
Luego a Cueto voy para Mayari.


I’m going from Alto Cerdo to Marcane
Then from Cueto, I’m going to Mayari.

The love I have for you
I cannot deny
My mouth is watering
I just can’t help myself.

When Juanika and Chan Chan
Sifted sand together on the beach
How her bottom shook and
Chan Chan was arroused.

Clean the dry sugar cane leaves
from the path
So I can get to that trunk
I want to sit down.

I’m going from Alto Cerdo to Marcane
Then from Cueto, I’m going to Mayari.

lubuagan, kalinga, the philippines

lubuagan, kalinga, the philippines

off to surigao del sur, tomorrow morning.  in case i forget why i kept playing this song today (it’s great packing music).

this is why:

pinays don’t know their body and how it works.

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well this can’t be good.

read this article in the Philippine Inquirer yesterday:

here’s a highlight:

“54 percent of Filipina respondents said drinking beer increases menstrual flow and 38 percent said menstrual blood applied to the face could prevent pimples.

One Filipina said that on the first day of her period, she would jump over three steps on their stairs so her menstrual flow would last only three days instead of one week.”

it goes on to say that pinay’s don’t know what they don’t know.  if they are never taught anything other than what they’re lola, mother, or older sisters tell them, why would they believe otherwise?

i went on a drunken rant the other day about this type of shit.  it irks me.  it irks me because filipina woman are so fuckin beautiful, but they carry around so much shame.  where does this come from?

i mean, it’s 2009!

at least a boy can sneak out to a beerhaus and learn the ropes there.  but where do the girls go?  Nanay refuses to talk about it and Tita Pening is applying period blood to Ate Din-Din’s face.  A face that’s never given a blow-job with rag from a place that’s never received one.

another highlight:

“Some 26 percent of Filipinas believe that only men have hymens, which is why they are named as such,”

aye-yay-yay.  and why is KIMBERLY-CLARK conducting the survey?  i’m sure they’ll find someway to take advantage of the naivete.  watch for really dumb ‘educational’ commercials involving your favorite love-teams.

something should be done.  why do i feel like i need to be the che gueverra of this shit?




iTUNES top 25 most played.

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the social networking generation loves to advertise their musical tastes. about me sections filled with favorite bands and definitions of what they claim to be ‘good’ music.  anyway, that’s what they’d have you believe.  whatever people post to their sites are what they WANT you to think they’re into.  but nothing speaks more clearly about a person’s musical tastes than their iTUNES top  25 most played.

it could be a list of your all-time favorites.  maybe the shit you bump because it’s something all your friends can agree on.  or the shit you bump when you’re alone.  those playlists with one song on them, because you don’t wanna listen to anything else that day.  or that shit you accidentally left on repeat and  fell asleep to.  accidentally?

i love going through people’s iPOD’s and dissecting their playlists.  it’s a way to get into their heads.  some people are actually as dull as they are in person.  but some store gems, bursting with psychological content, doorways into their soul.  or sometimes it’s as simple as “holy shit, this chick is cheating on her husband, has a love-child with a percussionist she met at a rave in brazil, and is ghostwriting the Twilight series.”   ok, maybe not.  sometimes, i’m just a mind-perv looking for parallels between me and you, using them as evidence to prove to myself that i’m not a total psycho.

anyway, i reset my playcount sometime after the new year so this is the shit that’s been getting bump for the past few months.  hardly a window into my soul.  i can’t be that shallow?  or i could just be saying that.

one of the kevin’s i know once told me that i was an open-book.  (and i got offended cause i always thought i was introverted.)

psych grads and music-geeks go nuts:

1. elzhi – the transitional joint
2. maps – yeah yeah yeahs
3. american boy (f. kanye) – estelle
4. fear not of man (instrumental) – mos def
5. more than friends (f. kardinal) – estelle
6. electric feel – MGMT
7. the healer – erykah badu
8. no substitute love – estelle
9. magnificent – estelle
10. come over – estelle
11. drivin’ down the block – kidz in the hall
12. didn’t i – darondo
13. wednesday night prayer meeting – charles mingus
14. pop the glock – uffie
15. take your time (f. corinne bailey rae) – al green
16. creator – santogold
17. mr. whittaker – ace, charlie & fay
18. so much out the way – estelle
19. in the rain – estelle
20. e’s flat ah’s flat too – charles mingus
21. throw water on em – busta rhymes
22. cryin’ blues – charles mingus
23. moanin’ – charles mingus
24. tensions – charles mingus
25. save ya (feat. t3) – elzhi

what’s your TOP 25?



speaking of gems bursting with psychological . . . soul.

postscript:  this made my day.  it’s a youtube comment on TLC’s creep . . .


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90´s Blackmusic forever!!!!!!!!!!!

hacienda luisita, tarlac iii.

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posting some more shots from my trip to Tarlac.  They don’t have anywhere better to go and I have nothing better to do.

found this great piece on Cory Aquino’s and the Cojuanco family’s involvement in Hacienda Luisita:

it outlines that though Cory Aquino is touted as the mother of democracy, not everything is all happy and ‘yellow’.

gotta love filipino politics.

here’s the pictures:



hacienda luisita, tarlac i

hacienda luista, tarlac ii

solidarity mission to lumad evacuees in surigao del sur.

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An emergency situation is occuring in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao and hardly anyone knows about it.

Just started campaigning to get the word the out.  Hopefully I’ll be flying down there with members of Salinlahi to help out and document the situation.

Here’s the project proposal I just typed up.  (Emphasis on I because I think I only heard the term ‘project proposal’ once before in life, but never paid attention).

I also posted photos sent by workers/photographers who were on site during the evacuation and the settlement.

Project Title National Solidarity Mission to the Lumad Evacuees in Surigao del Sur

Project Proponent
Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns

Target Beneficiaries
Approx. 303 families / 1,795 individuals (948 children, 316 women)


The mountainous areas of Surigao Del Sur in Mindanao is home to Lumad communities in the Andap Valley which spans seven municipalities.  Beginning in May 2005, military units have occupied these communities claiming their operations were aimed towards “developing the Andap Valley to benefit the Lumad.”  Meanwhile, they’ve forced the closure of schools, prohibited the passage of food, and threatened community members; using them as civilian shields, forcing recruitment into paramilitary groups, and imposing the possibility of death to those reluctant to cooperate.  Between June 15, 2009 and present, unable to achieve a peaceful compromise with the military forces, and as tensions and hardships increased, approximately
1, 795 individuals left their various communities and trekked to Lianga Municipal Gym.  Among them are 316 woman and over 900 children.  Away from the troubles they left, these evacuees now face new problems: insufficient food supply and deteriorating conditions of potable water, deteriorating sanitary conditions, vulnerability to infectious disease, especially among children, and an increase in covert and overt military presence monitoring the evacuation centre.


1.  Call the attention of relevant decision makers in government to the humanitarian situation in Surigao Del Sur. 2.     To generate material and moral relief for the victims of the evacuation.
3.     To support the evacuees’ call for  the pull out of military troops until they’re ensured an immediate and safe return to their homes.

Description of Activities

Campaigns Activities: Our staff and volunteers will campaign utilizing various mediums in order to garner support and spark awareness of the humanitarian situation in Surigao Del Sur.

Initiating a humanitarian mission on site
:  Distributing food and boosting morale by means of activities with children at the evacuation centre.  Collecting facts and documenting the conditions and current situation at the centre to share with the public and appropriate authorities.

Expected Output

Improve the living situation of the evacuees at the centre

Increase public awareness of humanitarian situation in Surigao Del Sur on a national level

See that actions to bring relief to the evacuees are increased and executed

A safe return of the evacuees to their homes

for more info peep this PDF :

salinlahi on twitter :

there’ll be a televised press conference with invited celebrity speakers (hopefully angel yummers locsin and robin vitamins padilla) tomorrow.  but any kinda info pass-age by you would be useful.  holler if you want to get down.